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April 7, 2011

Dear friends,
The first Naissub Freediving Cup 2011, has successfully held on 2 April 2011 in Nis. The positive and correct sports atmosphere, gave stimulating surrounding for 35 freediving competitors from Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. Friendship and laughter, adrenaline, professional approach, but most importantly, good results.

The International judges Peter Bojovic, Darija Subotin and Aleksandar Karjuk and national judge Ivan Urošević took care that everything goes according to regulations of the World freediver Association AIDA International. The work they had on that day, otherwise very responsible,  this time included  also a great  pleasure, as they announced four new national records.



Branko Petrovic (SK Dunav - Serbia) was the best male competitor in the category of static apnea, with a fantastic time of holding his breath for whole 8 minutes and 18 seconds, while retaining the title of the national record holder. The best female competitor in STA discipline was Ljubica Trutic (SK Naissub - Serbia) with a time of 5 minutes and 10 seconds. In the category of dynamic apnea with fins, the best among men was Stjepan Curic (RK Submania - Croatia) with a result of 172m in one single breath, while Natasa Boskovic (Apnea Team Belgrade - Serbia) in the women's competition, with 132m, improved personal and national record.

Among men who compete in dynamic apnea without fins, the best result achieved Andjelic Mihajlo (Apnea Team Belgrade - Serbia) with  90m. The best score among women in this category had Tijana Nikolic (SDT Svet ronjenja - Serbia). She dived in length of 83m, which was sufficient not only to put her on the 1st place, but also to set a new national record. In the overall results, the competitors with the highest number of points were Bozidar Petani (2dive - Croatia) among men, and Ljubica Trutic (SK Naissub - Serbia) among women.

Since the rules of the competition for teams are strictly specifying  that only mixed teams, with both  male and female members can be ranked,  the final results were: The first place, with the highest score had Apnea Team Belgrade, the second place won the team SDT Svet ronjenja, while the third ranked team was the host, SK Naissub from Niš, Serbia. The expert medical team consisting of Dr. Vanja Andjelkovic, specialist in emergency medicine, nurse Milanka Sekuloski and Dr Darko Avramovic, a medical doctor, took care that everything is under control, just in case that one of the contestants overestimate their current capabilities.

We thank the sponsors POWER SUB diving equipment and kennel dogs Sangue Magnifica, as well as the friends that supported and helped to realize the competition, among them the City of Nis, Municipality Medijana and Dunav Insurance company. Another important element in the overall impression is positive and comfortable accommodation of guests in the facilities of our partner hotel "Svetlost Plus.

Sports club “Naissub" is grateful for the selfless efforts to the members who were engaged in preparations for the Cup. The successful implementation of the project of these proportions would not be possible without this great team effort. We believe that we will meet other again the next year, in even greater numbers, with even better results!




More information about this event you can find on official web site.
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