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Još jedno AIDA renking takmičenje biće održano 7. aprila 2013. godine u Nišu, na bazenima sportskog centra "Čair". Zvanične AIDA sudije biće Petar Bojović, Darija Subotin i Aleksandar Karjuk.
City: Niš, Serbia
Date: 2013, April 7th
Place: S.C. "Cair" (
Organizer: Darko Radovanovic
Phone: +381 64 439 7116
Status: National with guests, AIDA ranking
Rules: AIDA Intentational rules
Judges: Bojovic Petar (AIDA B category), Subotin Darija (AIDA E category), Aleksandar Karjuk (AIDA D category)
Maximum number of participants: 40 
Minimum number of participants: 20
Pool information:
STA: depth 0,9 m, temp 30C
DNF/DYN: length 50 m, depth 2,20 m, temp 27-28C
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24 hour dynamic apnea
Freediving - Attractions
Sandi BitencSandi Bitenc from Maribor (Slovenia) started yesterday at 18:00 hours with his grueling quest to do as many meters underwater as possible in 24 hours time. Today at 18:00 he finished this taks with a distance of 51.100 meters. That is a totaal of 1022 laps in a 50 meter pool! It is a new World record in this discipline.

We do an interview in half an hour or so.



May 26, 2009

Tonight in Maribor (Slovenia) Sandi Bitenc is atempting to break the current 24 hour freediving dynamic record of 44 kilometers. As this is an official Guinness record it will be fun to broadcast as much as possible of the event live.

Tonight at 18:00 GMT+1 hours Sandi start with his schedule and you can watch live video streaming, by Jorg Jansen, Shark-Freediving webmaster.


May 15, 2009

Sandi Bitenc from Slovenia is planning to break the current 24 hour dynamic freediving world record during the Lent festival on June 26 in Maribor, Slovenia. In short this means that he’s going to try to swim as far as possible underwater in 24 hours time. Of course this is not an official AIDA discipline, but there is a small history of lunatics who dared to try this amazing performance. Current record holder is Andy Le Sauce with an underwater distance of 44 kilometer which he did in 2001 in La Reunion.

I did some number crunching and the most ideal schedule I could come up with is to try to do 1900 meters every hour, to be safe.  That’s 38 laps of 50 meters underwater. If it takes 40 seconds to do a 50 meter lap and you take 40 seconds rest, it takes 50 minutes and 40 seconds to do 1900 meters. So you can have 9:20 min rest out of the water every hour.
Dynamic Apnea for 24 hours
44km, Andy Le Sauce from France, December 2001, in La Reunion
40km, Andy Le Sauce from France, March 3/4, 2000 in La Reunion
35km 575m, Stéphane Francois from France, December 7, 1996 in La Reunion
26km, Jean-Francois Noël from France, March 13, 1993 in France
23km 225m, Francis Bruchini from France, May 21, 1991 in France
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