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Absolute recorders
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sperm-whale The absolute record holder in diving, not just among mammals, but all living creatures that breathe through lungs, is Sperm Whale. In a very strong competition, it has reached the biggest recorded depth. At the shore of the Dominican Republic, Caraibes, in 1991, scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute recorded that one of the observed sperm whales made a 2,000 m deep dive, which lasted 1 h 13 min.
It is assumed that this is not their limit, as some later investigations have shown that they are capable to dive even below 3,100 m.

Some other extraordinary results of certain species of whales and seals from the North Sea have also been recorded. As an example, See Elephants can stay under water over 2 h and descend to a depth of over 1,500 m. The Emperor Penguin holds the record among birds, with its’ 480 m attained depth and 18 min dive time, recorded on 1990.
royal penguin 

  (source: Magazin "Ronilacki svet" - March, 2006)
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