Take a breath and dive with us deep in to the history and learn more attractions in the world of freediving.
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14. Festival podvodnog filma
Preko 20 minuta bez vazduha!
Izložba podvodnih fotografija
Pad popularnosti
24 hour dynamic apnea
Festival podvodnog filma 2008
Absolute recorders
Apnea in Guinness World Records book again
BMW and freediving
Freediving through the history
Prvi "najdublji" čovek na svetu
The most deepest point in the Ocean
Ronjenje brzinom delfina
Freediver - Danai Varveri
Podvodna umetnost
Novi Ginisov rekord u apnei
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  • Education  ( 3 items )
    Disciplines, courses, basic rules of freediving...
  • Expediently  ( 12 items )
    Many stories that helps you to:
    - get to know better your body and breathing
    - get to know how human body's acting in the water
    - made your own training to serves your turn
    - hold your breath longer, with some precise practises
    - get to  know more about medicine in freediving
    - learn how to relax through meditation and Yoga practise
  • Diving in safety  ( 5 items )
    Many of us, we can say, don't have much time, or simple don't want to wast their presures time to seeting in waiting room in front of the surgery. Even more if we don't  feel the pains and feeling so good. However, we have to make a systematic visitation, one at least in the year. Bit of this stories is to learn importance of medical control, becouse of sport we are training. So what does medicine say about freediving and other underwater activities?
  • Poznati ronioci na dah  ( 1 items )
    Upoznajte neke od najslavnijih ronioca na dah i saznajte šta je to što ih čini - slavnim.
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